Luxury On Location Bridal Hair Stylist And Makeup Artist For Your Destination Wedding In Berlin

Samantha Pretto is a professional wedding makeup artist and hair stylist based in Italy. She offers luxury tailored on location makeup and hair for wedding in Berlin. As personal makeup artist and hair stylist Samantha also offers on location beauty services suited to all types of events: engagement, bridal shower, gala dinners, red carpet, graduation day, fairs, business meetings or weddings as bridesmaid or guest. The service provided is not only a time-saving but it keeps your privacy and comfort with a professional result.

Your Luxury Wedding Beauty Experience in Berlin

Entrusting your makeup and hairstyle on the most important day of your life to a professional makeup artist, hair stylist and bridal look maker that can take care of every detail of how you look has become of essential importance, whether to maximize the small amount of time available to you or to go through the experience with the reassurance of having a single point of reference at your side who knows how to interpret your needs and adapt them to your personality and seasonal trends, but above all in order to provide you with the certainty of getting a unique and unforgettable overall result.

The most beautiful and intense day in every woman's life should be absolutely perfect because it will be a lasting memory to those who personally live through it and those who take part in it with you, it will be documented in photographs, shared on social networks and on videos that will crystallize the moment forever.

You, as the bride, will be the star and you should be very beautiful, a natural and bright beauty that will spring forth from the intensity of your emotions and will harmoniously meld with the dress, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and mood of the event.

As an image consultant and bridal lookmaker, Samantha will examine your personal style and your requirements in order to create an amazing bridal look: elegant and natural makeup, glamorous and balanced seeking to underline your strenghts, combined with an hairstyle in accordance to the shape and geometries of your facial features.

Service could include a trial, this is a fundamental time where questions can be raised and requests brought up for discussion: every detail is used to define the ideal look, in line with your requirements, along with her professional perspective.

Samantha and her team of high skilled makeup artists and hair stylists travel to your hotel or location and take care of you and your guests to make your destination wedding in Berlin an unforgettable experience in a very friendly and relaxed way. Samantha is based near the Orio al Serio airport (the third Milan airport and Ryanair's Italian hub). By booking its services in advance, the travel rates will obviously be more advantageous. She uses only the highest quality professional products.



Beautiful Brides

Kind Words


  • Home work?

The trial can be performed either at your home or at the office I support. On the wedding day, I will obviously be coming to you or in the location of the event.

  • Are the make-up and hairstyle performed during the trial?

Of course, it is essential to give you a complete view of the result. Take inspirational photos with you so that I can understand your tastes and advise you.

  • How does the makeup trial take place?

In general, during the make-up test, 2 types of make-up will be performed: one on the right eye and one on the left eye, characterized by different colors and shapes of the eye. For the base I will apply the type of foundation suitable for your skin and the necessary products: blush, powders and illuminants. Fixing products will be used on the wedding day.

  • What kind of products do you use? Are they hypoallergenic?

I use cosmetics of the best brands: MAC, Make Up Forever, Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Tarte Cosmetics. Do not hesitate to report any intolerances or allergies to cosmetics so that I can pay the utmost attention when choosing products.

  • I would like to apply clip extensions that I already own: are there any additional costs?

Absolutely not!

  • Do you use makeup fixers?

Of course, I use both primers and post-make-up fixers that make the whole thing last longer.

  • Can I not wear false eyelashes?

Absolutely yes, I'll try them anyway but if you do not like them you're not necessarily forced to put them.

  • Instead of lashed eyelashes, can I apply ribbon eyelashes?

My advice if you are not used to using ribbon eyelashes is to opt for the tufted ones because they have a more natural effect. If you have this desire you can apply during a second test, you will test them for a whole day and if you feel comfortable there is no problem to apply them even on the wedding day.

  • Does the make-up last all day? If I cry what happens?

Don't worry! through the use of primers, mascara and waterproof pencils you can feel free to express your emotions.

  • How long does wedding hair and makeup take?

About 3 hours

  • Can I bring Mom or a friend to the trial?

Of course, I advise you to take you to the trial by your mother or a dear person to you but must still remain an intimate experience.

  • What happens after the first trial?

The first trial has a fixed service charge. You can confirm me immediately to be sure that I will keep you free for your date, or you can give me an answer within 5 days from the date of the trial. At the end of the 5 days I will free your date for other customers. Upon confirmation, we will sign a contract to protect both. The amount paid after the first trial will be deducted from the final amount depending on the service or package chosen. A deposit is always required for booking services.

  • Issue an invoice or receipt?

Yes sure!

  • The balance of the service within when it must be done?

Payment can be made on the wedding day in cash or within 15 days from the date of the event by bank transfer or credit card.

  • When to book wedding hair and makeup?

If you get married on Saturday in the period from April to September, my advice is to contact me at least 6 months before, for the other seasons a 3 month notice may be sufficient.